Turn the lights on!
When dopamine meets two lamps.
Who said lamps don't have feelings?
A better love story than twilight.

Meet the protagonists
Until the light goes off!
Meet the protagonists U-Violet and X-Lamp.

The song
"You're my dopamine
Since the first time I saw you between
The bookcase that day
I never thought that I could find you again

But my heart speeds up
My circuits overload
And I searched for you

And when I lost the hope
I found you in front of me
I just wanted to know your name
I just wanted to know your name
Only your name

Ohh, my light over you
Ohh, and your shadow over me too
Your shadow over me too
Your shadow over me too..."
Every love story has a song.

Watch Dopamine
Watch now Dopamine!

About Dopamine

Animation + OST


Helena Monteiro
Dopamine is an animation created for a subject in my graduation under the theme "light". Me and Helena had a lot of fun creating and imagining the whole story and all the details.

The song was composed, produced and interpreted by me.

In May 2016 Dopamine was nominated for best animated film in Cinedita.

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