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About this project

Social Plataform

Since 2015

Me (CEO / UI&UX Design and development)
António Sobrinho (Backoffice)
Bernardo Silva (Marketing and design)
Pedro Pessoa (Illustration)
Ricardo Pereira (Design)
Luís Ferreira (Tech Support)
Filipe Martins (Research)
Since I started developing Spoticus in the end of 2014, my goal was to help people to increase their production, saving their time. Then six colleagues joined the team and together we launched the beta this year (2016) exclusively in our university community. My job in this project was to coordenate the team and be responsible to develop all the code and the design of the plataform (not including the backoffice). This is for sure my greatest project by now and I'm very proud of it.

All the mockups including the MacBook Pro and the iPhone weren't originally made by me.

Thanks to Cristina Amaral (the girl of the video) and Sofia Ferreira.

Next stop: Douro Rock 2016