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Inspired by our own culture
The portuguese symbols together as one.

The people
61 students of 18 countries
From July 27th to August 5th in Lisbon and Vila Real.

The website
All you need to know in one place
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the team and much more.

More than 300 pictures
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Watch the after movie
Symbiose 2016 - Portugal

Identity + Website + OST + Aftermovie


Bernardo Silva
Pedro Pessoa
For me Symbiose 2016 was one of that experiences that everyone should live at least for one time. Over nine months we work in the identity, the website and all the branding. And then on July being in the event was so inspiring with people from so many sides teaching things about their countries. That changed my life and i will never forget that moments with such good people.

All the mockups weren't originally made by me.

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