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Pedro Pessoa
Oxalá & Spoticus

"João is an extremelly competent professional. I had the pleasure to work with him during several months and get involved in several projects where he demonstrated his sense of teamwork and leadership. Always proactive with countless ideas, proposing solutions and alternatives when things didn´t worked so well. He´s a talented creator with high knowledge of design + web design, his hard work made him more mature and efficient in his work area. I am proud to work with him, he is the real teamplayer, honest, humble, always willing to help his colleagues and with nice sense of humour, making a good and productive work environment."

Diogo Meireles
CMYK Point

"João Pinto Paulo worked and completed his curricular training at our company (CMYK Point). He was an exemplar worker, creative, dynamic and mainly, responsible. During a year he worked for me as a freelancer, continuing to create and innovate in the area of communication and image, João was one of the responsables for the creation of "CMYK FIX" and "CMYK Pin", two brands from the group CMYK Point."

Nuno Ponte
Organizer of the 19th Symposium of Biology Students in Europe – SymBioSE 2016

"For me it was a great honor to have João in my team. He is an important member for any team, because he has a very sense of spirit group and is able to create a lot creative solutions. Recently, I deprived with João to this European event, the SymBioSE, where he was responsible for our website and keeping. However, he also worked the image of the event during this with hundreds of pictures and videos that delighted the participants.
I was delighted with all his work and creative spontaneity!"

Dr. Tiago Gomes
Alijó 360º and intership at Alijó´s town hall

"It was a pleasure to meet and work with João Pinto Paulo while orientator of a professional training at Alijó´s town hall, during the year of 2011. By that time, he (as a student and as a trainee) showed that he thinks outside the box, mainly in creativity, graphic skills and big knowledge regarding programming. His work speaks by itself and, after 6 years, the project "Alijó 360º" continues to be a reference at a national scale, apreciated by our habitants, all the emigrant portuguese comunity and tourists interested to know the rich historical and arqueological heritage, always in a 360º perspective."

Carla Mansilha
Teacher from the professional course in computing

"João Pinto Paulo has a wild spirit, hardworker and innovator. He´s a perfectionist and constantly looking to evolve. Persistent about self-superation, if necessary giving up on sleeping hours It was a pleasure to see him grow up and evolve personal and professionally."

Jorge Ferreira
Former president of Núcleo de Estudantes de Comunicação e Multimédia

"Besides an excellent person, he is an excellent professional. Always putting work and dedication in first plan, an example without a doubt. It was a pleasure to work with him."

Guilherme Gonçalves
Former department director of Núcleo de Estudantes de Comunicação e Multimédia

"With a mix of criativity and efficiency, João Pinto Paulo is a professional that will always leave a positive mark."

          Spoticus CEO + UI & UX Designer and developer
          Douro Rock 2016 Identity + Website
          Symbiose 2016 Portugal Identity + Website + Aftermovie
          Dopamine Animation + OST
          Daffodils Identity + Website
          Crianças à prova de água Identity
          Ativo '16 Identity + Branding
          Other works (2015-2016)
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